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Doctor Tagore visited the JM Education Center
On September 25th, Doctor Tagore Trajano from the Law School of the Federal University of Brazil visited the JM Education Center and held an academic exchange with some of law postgraduates and teachers of USTC.

Professor Song Wei extended his sincere welcome to the guest and then introduced the JM Education Center and its academic achievements in recent years. After that, Doctor Tagore introduced the society, economy and history of Brazil with a particular focus on Brazil's legal system construction and its judicial system to show their distinct characteristics. Besides, he also introduced the environment and environmental protection law in Brazil. Through a vivid case of the legislation and law execution for protecting the rainforest in the Amazon River, he probed into Brazil's environmental protection law and stressed the importance of legislation, and then further explained the far-reaching influence of global legislation on environmental protection and the world's sustainable development.
Doctor Tagore warmly exchanged with the students and teachers, and answered many questions of interests to them.

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