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The Anhui Intellectual Property Training Center Settled Down in USTC
While strategic reforming and innovation developing, continuing education school (CES), University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) developed advanced training vigorously and served the provincial economy construction enthusiastically guided by the principle of scientific development concept. Supported by the university, the CES caught a opportunity to set up Anhui intellectual property training center (AIPTC) cooperating with Anhui intellectual property office. AIPTC settles down in continuing education school, USTC.
AIPTC inaugural ceremony was held on May 23 hosted by CES dean Song Wei. Attendees, including AHIPO commissioner Dong Rong, USTC vice-president Zhang Shulin, AHIPO vice commissioner Yan Yimin, Liu Dong, AHIPO coordinated instruction department director Tao Ping, management school of USTC executive dean Liang Liang, graduate school of USTC vice-dean Tu Jing, CES of USTC dean Song Wei, CES staffs, teacher represents and student representative attended the ceremony.

AHIPO commissioner Dong Rong gave a speech at the ceremony. He said that the AIPTC establishment symbolizes the Anhui Province intellectual property professionals training has entered a new historical period of development. It is a great event closely relative to innovation Anhui and central China economy rising. AIPTC primary task, he said, will be undertaking various training mission for intellectual property professionals in Anhui province. Its duty should revolve closely around national and the provincial economy construction; satisfy the demand of social development and technology advance. It should make full use of UTSC discipline superiority in intellectual property areas and training management superiority. It should provide the system, the standard, the high level professional training for those professionals who is engaged in the work relative to intellectual property. It should make the contribution for construction innovation Anhui.
At the ceremony, Vice-president Zhang Shulin indicated agreeing on the works that CES coordinated the university related discipline resources, and facilitated highly effective AIPTC to be tenable. She gave expression to her congratulation on AIPTC establishment, and deployed AIPTC present's work. She expressed that USTC will support, assist AIPTC in IP training. Vice-president Zhang Shulin and AHIPO commissioner Dong Rong unveiled together for AIPTC.

The CES Dean, Professor Song Wei introduced AIPTCs developmental strategy and the implementation plan while expressing the pressure of intellectual property personnel training and vocational education's. At the same time, he elaborated AIPTC's work mentality from many aspects, such as the training objective, the construction goal, the training program and so on. Integrated training facing society, he said, will be launched in AIPTC by many kinds of forms, many levels, and many discipline training ways to realize the locality and the university, domestic and the international, face to face teaching and long-distance teaching, training and the research, the theory and the practice and so on organic synthesis.
Professor Song Wei indicated on behalf of USTC staff that under the university and AHIPO's support vigorously, in each related school's assistance, we have the determination, the confidence, and the working zeal to make AIPTC into domestic first-class, world famous IP professional training organization.

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