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The cadres training was held for the Science and education departments of Zhengzhou
A cadres training class was held for cadres in the science and education departments of Zhengzhou in September 14th. Those attending the ceremony included Zhang Shulin, deputy president of USTC, Bai Yun, deputy minister of the organization department of Zhengzhou municipal committee, Wang Hongwei, director of the department for science and education cadres, Song Wei, dean of the Continuing Education School, Tu Jing, deputy principal of the Graduate School, Wu Min, deputy dean of the Software School and Ni Rui, director of the academic degree office.

This training class was organized by the Continuing Education School of USTC. And fifty leading cadres from relevant science and education departments of Zhengzhou would attend it and receive two-week intensive training.
In the ceremony presided by dean Song Wei, vice president Zhang Shulin delivered a speech, in which she expressed warm welcome to the trainees, introduced the glorious history of USTC and new strategy for further development. The continuing education of USTC would give priority to high level training, thus serving local economic and social development and the innovative country construction.
Deputy director Bai Yun said that the communist party and government attached great importance to the cadres' knowledge updating through 0n-work training; therefore, the organization department of Zhengzhou city committee worked with USTC to hold training classes for the cadres to keep up with knowledge innovation in science, economy, government policies and laws, which would benefit their future work and better propel Zhengzhou's development.
As the representative of teaching staff of USTC, Wu Min, deputy dean of the Software School, introduced USTC's sound atmosphere and spirit of independence and originality, encouraging the trainees to make full of the valuable time for self-improvement and exchange.
After that, Chen Yuzhen, director of Science and Technology Bureau of Zhengzhou Air Harbor, expressed her gratitude to the department organization for providing a golden studying opportunity and to USTC for its first-rate environment and new, practical training courses. Finally, she stated that they would try to study hard and successfully on behalf of all the trainees,
When the ceremony was over, the trainees visited the history museum of USTC and learned its glorious history and future development.

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