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A working group in CES went to Zhengzhou for joint training
On August 24th and 25th, Song Wei and Li Xiaogang, dean and deputy dean of CES of USTC, and several chief staff in the training department, went to the Staff Training Center of China Tobacco Company and the Organization Department of Zhengzhou Municipal Committee for joint training.

After the negotiation, our school reached a preliminary agreement with the Staff Training Center on joint training of JM masters in tobacco monopoly and law execution. It is the first step in carrying out A Contract for Strategic Cooperation which was signed between the two sides at the beginning of this month.
In the morning of 25th, the working group discussed with the organization department of Zhengzhou City Committee on training cadres of science and technology, and signed a contract for joint training. According to the agreement, a training class will be held in USCT in the middle of September this year.

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