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The Projection of Hire Foreign Experts in Our School Obtained Approval
Recently, the projection of hire foreign expert in our school obtains approval after university recommended and the State Foreign Experts Bureau of accreditation. The projection is based on the key scientific research project 'intellectual property management in China's leading industry - Network Environment Study of high-end training for industrial work,' responsible by Professor Song Wei. This scientific research item starts in 2008.
E-learning is accompanied by computer network technology and multimedia development of new technologies arising from a new type of education. The advanced training is specifically for senior government officials, senior business people, senior technical staff, university teachers, carried out by high-level personnel continuing education. It is higher level part in the life-long education system at the apex position. Under the high-end training of the network environment for China's economic construction and national life-long education is of great significance.
??It is an important part of scientific research to hire foreign experts to school. In recent years, our school attaches great importance to the recruitment of foreign experts to work around the school's central task and actively introducing foreign intelligence. The key projects to employ foreign experts approved marks our school having been further development in the continuing education and high-end training, and it is support and positive for our school research projection.

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