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An expert group from State Intellectual Property Office visited USTC
In the afternoon of August 19th, an expert group of six from State Intellectual Property Office visited USTC accompanied by Dong Rong and Liu Dong, director and deputy director of Anhui Intellectual Property Office. Zhang Shulin, deputy president of USTC, held a meeting with the expert group and delivered a speech. Those attending the meeting also included Tu Jing, deputy principal of the Graduate School, Ni Rui, director of Academic Degree Office and dean of the Continuing Education School Song Wei, who made an oral report on the teaching and research of intellectual property and high level training in USTC.

Deputy president Zhang Shulin pointed out in her address that 'USTC, following the national strategy for intellectual property, has attached great importance to this new discipline in graduate education; and our school is the first to give doctoral education of intellectual property management in China and has made important achievements in both teaching and research, gaining praises from the Ministry of Education, CAS and the National Bureau of Intellectual Property; in the strategic shift of continuing education, the Anhui Provincial Bureau of Intellectual Property trusted our school so highly that it set the provincial intellectual training center in our continuing education school; Since then, this center has done lot of work and made many great achievements.'
Members of the expert group included Xue Dan and Xu Qiuwu, director and deputy director of the training department of State Intellectual Property Office. The group visited the training center of intellectual property and exchanged with the representatives of teaching staff and students of USTC on professional training, personnel training, curriculum planning, expert team-building, and so on.
After the investigation, the expert group spoke highly of the teaching and research fruits in intellectual property studies and the training work which had been done in the past years. They believed that the IP teaching and research in USTC was featured by a high starting point, sound efficiency and proper measures and the work in IP disciplinary construction, international exchange, training management and online education had foresight, creativeness and distinct characteristics.
Recently, State Intellectual Property Office dispatched experts to some national key universities for investigation to selecting several as the training bases for advanced IP intellectuals. USTC is the first university to receive the investigation.

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