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An Innovative Thinking and Leadership Training Started Work
December 1, 2009, the first innovative thinking and leadership training of Guangxi tobacco business enterprises was held the opening ceremony. This course is designed for Guangxi tobacco commercial companies to increase their cadres' management capabilities, innovation commissioned by China University of Technology School of Continuing Education organization and implementation, a total of 67 from Guangxi tobacco business systems management cadres took part in the training course. Mr. Tan Tianjiang, the deputy Secretary of tobacco commercial company of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Professor Chen Xiaojian, president assistant of University of Technology of China, Professor Song Wei, Dean of Continuing Education School of University of Technology of China with other leaders attended the training lecture.

Subsequently, Doctoral tutor professor Song Wei has done an 'independent innovation and development of Intellectual Property' seminar. In the lecture, he analyzed the development of intellectual property status of the national tobacco industry, concluded that intellectual property strategy will become an important component of the overall strategy in national tobacco industry.
Professor Song Wei introduced four areas of intellectual property knowledge, including innovation and development, attaching great importance to the strategic concept of intellectual property rights; support our own production brands with independent intellectual property rights of development; the establishment of industry guidance system for intellectual property Innovation Management; looking at the world, actively building advanced operational and competitive mode of intellectual property.
In the few days of training, several national experts from different angles made lively training reports on the trainees. Trainees are generally considered to enhance their training is to ensure that cadres meet the needs of the situation of reform and development, is to improve the overall quality of cadres and business skills necessary, to advance the industry an important guarantee for the implementation of human resources strategy.

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