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A Seminar on Continuing Education and Training by CAS was Held in USTC
On September 9th, a seminar on continuing education and training by CAS was solemnly held in USTC attended by more than forty representatives from relevant departments, and institutions of CAS to exchange views on continuing education and discuss the execution of the twelfth five-year plan. Those attending the seminar included Zhang Shulin, deputy president of USTC, Zhang Jie, director of continuing education and training in the Bureau of Personnel and Education of CAS, Song Wei, dean of the Continuing Education School, Tu Jing, deputy principal of the Graduate School and Ni Rui, director of Academic Degree Office.

Deputy president Zhang Shulin delivered the welcoming speech, in which she expressed her sincere welcome to the representatives, introduced the fantastic achievements by USTC under the leadership of CAS and the strategic shift of the continuing education in USTC into high level training and education, and hoped more seminars like this would be held in USTC.
In the report on 'a blueprint for the continuing education and training by CAS in the twelfth five-year period', director Zhang Jie introduced the innovations by CAS in continuing education in the past decade and the prospects of the twelfth five-year plan. She said that 'the continuing education of CAS is always innovation-oriented and we must fully exploit the resources of continuing education in intellectual cultivation by constructing the three systems of continuing education, management and courses with CAS characteristics.'
Dean Song Wei, in his lecture on advanced training methods and new training-model exploration, introduced innovative models for training in the new era, the conceptual change and the current trend of continuing education. Besides, he discussed with the representatives in course construction, teaching staff and management.
In the afternoon of September 9th, the representatives from institutions of electronic studies, computer science, biology and physics and the Continuing Education delivered their address in turn and held a discussion in the evening and the morning of 10th. The atmosphere was hot with active and lively exchange of views on developing the continuing education of CAS. Lots of creative ideas and training models turned out and all the representatives recognized that this symposium was a great success with high efficiency, creativeness, and excellent service, hoping that they would have more cooperation and jointly produce a reputable brand of continuing education by CAS.
During the symposium, leaders from schools of science, engineering, biological science and computer science also exchanged ideas with the representatives from the counterpart institutions of CAS.

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