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The Developing Action in CES of USTC received the Domestic Colleague Attention and High Praise
Since March, around closely the central task of construction world first-class research university, CES of USTC has carried on the scientific development concept activity, implemented strategic reform and innovation development, advanced top level training and the top level personnel education vigorously, proposed a series of innovation development action, obtained a lot of positive effect in reality, came in for a great deal of attention by the domestic colleague, and received high praise.

On June 26, a top seminar named 'construction network training joint between university and the profession' held in Beijing sponsored by the nation university distance learning coordination group of National Education Ministry, the Chinese distance learning magazine company. This was an important conference in continuing education and network education fields attended by persons in charge from domestic foremost universities' continuing education institute as well as leaders from government, the profession and enterprise. The congress invites the Tsinghua University, China Petroleum University, the Zhejiang University, University of Science and Technology of China's continuing education dean to make the report as university honored guests.

CES dean of USTC, professor Song Wei made a report named 'the new top training pattern exploration supported by network'. He introduced USTC's continuing education oriented towards the trade and large-scale enterprises developing multi-dimensional study, stereoscopic training, compound technical support, and scientific approach evaluation. In his report, Professor Song presented the running pattern of four virtual web-schools which is been establishing, i.e. business network school, law network school, intellectual property network school and scientific network lecture. Also he acquainted attendees with three school-level research centers?work localization and development targets (i.e. scientific and technological achievements industrialization research center, distance learning engineering research center, education & training management research center). Professor Song's report received warmly welcome and praise of attendees. The conference gave us a highly positive praise for actual work effect and innovation development thought of our school.

During conference, professor Song Wei has carried on the wide-ranging exchange and discussion with other university continuing education institute's leaders, and hosted the conference on 26th afternoon invited by the conference organizer. It has important meaning that CES of USTC participated positively in domestic colleague academic & work exchange such as this meeting regarding to strengthen the relation with education authority as well as other universities, expanding USTC influence and constructing famous brand of USTC.

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