Innovation, competition & cooperation! As the continuing education protocol of University of Science and Technology of China describes, the USTC Continuing Education plays a role in linking the university and society to provide more opportunities for lifelong learners. The USTC school of Continuing Education provides individuals, organizations, and
professional groups with a variety of courses. A creative, short program helps talented professionals prepare for career reentry. USTC is one of 67 official organizations providing distance education in China and the only one in Anhui Province. We specialize in all kinds of custom programs by using internet technology and cooperating with you.
Quality is the most important aspect. We have a strong background in science and technology management because USTC is an international recognized university. Therefore, all our courses are conducted by the excellent academic staff and industry experts. They can help you meet your learning objectives. On behalf of CES of USTC, we wish you every success as you continue your education.

Important Notice(2010-03-16)
The Projection of Hire Foreign Experts in Our School Obtained Approval(2010-01-20)
An Innovative Thinking and Leadership Training Started Work(2009-12-10)
Doctor Tagore visited the JM Education Center(2009-09-27)
The governor assistant Hua Jianhui Visited USTC to Build the Innovation Talents Training Base(2009-09-25)
The cadres training was held for the Science and education departments of Zhengzhou(2009-09-17)
A Seminar on Continuing Education and Training by CAS was Held in USTC(2009-09-11)
A working group in CES went to Zhengzhou for joint training(2009-08-26)
An expert group from State Intellectual Property Office visited USTC(2009-08-21)
A cooperation Memorandum was signed between CES of USCT and the Staff Training Center of China Tobacco Company(2009-08-05)
The Developing Action in CES of USTC received the Domestic Colleague Attention and High Praise(2009-07-10)
The Anhui Intellectual Property Training Center Settled Down in USTC(2009-05-30)
USTC has always placed emphasis on continuing education. In 1985, it established an Evening College, and in 1986, started Higher Education by correspondence. In 1987, the Section for Adult Education was founded, and this became the School of Adult Education in 1993 and renamed the School of Continuing Education (CES) in 2000. With the approval of the Ministry of Education, USTC became a pilot university for modern remote education in 2002, with the joint administration of the School of Distance Learning and the School of Continuing Education. For the past 40 years, the School has sent over 20,000 graduates into all walks of life. It has formed unique characteristics of "regulated yet innovative operation modes, efficient management offering comprehensive courses", and has become one of the schools appraised by the Ministry of Education for excellence
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